2/8, 2/9, 2/10 performances of “When Rebellion Becomes Revolution”

January 31st, 2013

We invite you to a very special theatrical event sponsored by the American Studies Program: a full-scale performance of a wonderful documentary play written last spring by the students of Professor Joyce Antler’s Theater As History class, entitled When Rebellion Becomes Revolution: A Play of Protest, Murder, Denial and Atonement. It will be performed again this month as part of ‘DEIS/Impact week: Exploring Social Justice on Campus, in Waltham, and Around the World.

Admission is free, but a full house is expected.

Here are the details:

When Rebellion Becomes Revolution: A Play of Protest, Murder, Denial and Atonement

8 pm, Friday, Feb. 8 and Saturday, Feb.9

Schwartz Hall Auditorium

Brandeis Campus, 1970: Students Susan Saxe and Kathy Power catapult to the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List through their anti-Vietnam War actions. Fifteen actors portray 53-plus historical characters in this original documentary play about a critical moment in Brandeis history. The play was written by Brandeis students in Professor Joyce Antler’s “History as Theater” class in 2012.

Sponsored by Free Play Theatre Cooperative, American Studies Program
For more information: Julian Seltzer (julianseltzer@gmail.com)

Some comments on last spring’s reading:

*I was dazzled. Thank you for a magnificent, powerful, intense, unforgettable experience. The play made me even prouder of Brandeis, with all its complexities.

*SPECTACULAR!!! An amazing accomplishment.

*It was one of my favorite Brandeis events ever. A perfect night. So moving and meaningful.

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