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There are more things: Inquiries into animal emotion

Hello, my classmates, on this windy February day! On a completely unrelated and unprofessional note, Radiohead’s surprise new album was released yesterday, which is just peachy. I know that Dan mentioned the colloquium on animal cognition at BU last Friday, and, like the great and terrible geek that I am, I trekked over to BU […] Continue reading

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Translating Oral Law to Prisoner’s Dilemma

So reading Maimonides through a Prisoner’s Dilemma lens was an incredible mind twist for me. I was raised in an observant conservative household and I went to Jewish Day School K-8. I can still visualize the 8 steps of Tzedakah hanging up in my Junior Congregation room. In fact, I am 90% certain that is […] Continue reading

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pensive one

I was just going through my pictures and I wanted to share this one with you all!
(from our last zoo trip) Continue reading

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Today, I have my Brandeis board interview. They are going to advise me to either apply to vet school this summer, or wait until next year. I’ve been reflecting for the past week about why I want to be a … Continue reading Continue reading

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Funny Face

There is at least one population of Canada geese, if not two, that likes to spend its time on campus. I’ve been keeping an informal eye on these geese for a week now and have made a couple of helpful … Continue reading Continue reading

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Open Up, It’s the PD

It’s taking over: Woah! Malaria parasites use Prisoner’s Dilemma too. I’ve been keeping track of points. My roommates have 3, 6,5 (someone manned up and did the dishes). The cars going towards Weston on sSouth St have 2, the cars going towards Main Street have 3. Its easier not to include myself because I […] Continue reading

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Amazing and Silly

Two great video clips! The first one is a story that I’m pretty sure I’ve run into a couple of times before, but it’s no less amazing and touching the third time around, especially if you like elephants (our class … Continue reading Continue reading

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Defection in Human Relationships

I had a hard time coming up with a good example for my QT yesterday because I found that most human/human interactions (or even human/living thing interactions) did not satisfy all the requirements for PD. I ended up going with … Continue reading Continue reading

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The curiously strong, not so jumbo shrimp

The Pistol Shrimp, a species of Alpheus, is capable of making cavitation bubbles by snapping its one (or sometimes two) over-sized claws.  In the process of making the bubbles, a jet of water is shot out of the socket of the claw at speeds up to 62mph and can emit a deafening “crack” that reaches up to 218 … Continue reading Continue reading

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NatGeo – Galapagos

National Geographic channel is playing a really cool special on the Galapagos, called (how surprising!) Galapagos. It’s about three hours long and I was only able to watch a few minutes tonight but it’s on again next sunday (the 20th) once in the morning and once midday. It seems to cover a lot of cool […] Continue reading

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