Pubmed Mobile and other distractions

I find myself getting antsy in seminars waiting for speakers to come to the point. Seems likely I am not the only one in the audience consulting my mobile phone when this happens. To be good to the speaker, though, maybe I should be looking up their papers while I’m distracting myself (as opposed to playing Angry Birds or something). The Pubmed Mobile beta seems pretty good for this, it’s got a very stripped-down interface which seems appropriate — seriously, you shouldn’t need much more than a search box and results for basic pubmed use and that’s about all that fits on a mobile phone.

A lot of journals have iPhone and mobile apps now. The Cell Press iPhone app is pretty cute.

If you’re going to read your email or check your calendar during seminar, the mobile versions of gmail and google calendar work pretty well. With Brandeis-based Google Apps, you’ll need to go to these by pointing your mobile browser at or the first time you connect. On an iPhone, you can then save a shortcut on the desktop.

Be careful not to accidentally follow a link that takes you to a consumer Google app (in particular, the all-too-easy-to-fat-finger Google+ link at the top left. If you find authentication not working, go back the browser as in the paragraph above.

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