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Torpig and ad blockers

The security folks in LTS suggest strongly that you use Firefox and install Adblock Plus as an add-on. They wish to try to prevent the spread of the Torpig botnet. This is primarily a concern on Windows machines, but you can install Adblock Plus on Macs also and benefit from the reduction in ads in your browser.

my very slightly augmented version of their instructions (appended below)

  1. Use the most recent version of Firefox instead of any other web browsers. (currently Firefox v.3.6)
  2. Download and install AdBlock Plus Firefox Add-on
  3. Make sure that you have chosen a filter subscription (or else it won’t actually block anything)

see their post for more details.

Some questions that are coming up:

  1. Does that mean don’t use Internet Explorer?? Yes
  2. What about my computer at home? Same advice applies at home.
  3. How do I move my IE Favorites into Firefox? see the bulletin board
  4. What kinds of information get stolen via the Torpig botnet? bank accounts and credit card numbers, among others

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