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Author: Ian Rifkin

Ian Rifkin currently works as the Software Systems Manager at Brandeis University within the office of Library and Technology Services (LTS) where he architects and implements various Web technologies and applications using current tools and standards. He primarily works in LAMP environments (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python). His received his undergraduate degree from Brandeis in 2004 in Anthropology and Internet Studies where he focused on how people interact online. Ian was able to hone his technology and project management skills through graduate study culminating in receiving a M.S. degree in Information Technology Management from Brandeis in 2009. In his current professional role he develops middleware and manages software creation, upgrades, and releases as well as administrates purchased and open source applications including wiki, blogs, Web content management system (CMS), and learning management system. In addition he is also a part-time adjunct instructor for the Rabb School's Division of Graduate Professional Studies.

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