May 26, 2018

About Our Chapter

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Brandeis National Committee Baltimore Chapter (BNC).

Our members enjoy bursts of re-found energy while experiencing our Live and Learn classes. From Artists in Our Midst to Sue at the Piano—as well as old standards we all enjoy such as Scrabble, our L&L Classes has something for everyone!

BNC members join for the purpose of getting to know each other, hear about all our interesting lives – and bringing in new members to partake in continuing education. This is the kind of friendship that makes Brandeis the warm, cordial organization that we have always found it to be.  We look forward to having you join us!


President – Suzanne Strutt
Vice President – Diane Burkom
Corresponding Secretary – Susan Berman
Recording Secretary – Fran Block
Treasurer – Annette Polonsky

Committee Chairs
Archivist – Merle Ann Siegelman
Book Fund – Sandy Kuperberg, Isabel Levin
Chavurah – Jan Helper, Thelma Weiner
Fundraising –Rona Greene, Rena Shenk, Judy Stein
Hospitality – Hulane Zolet
Live and Learn Program – Diane Burkom, Rona Greene, Leslie Sandler, Charlotte Stein
    Registrar – Merle Ann Siegelman
Membership – Brenda Cohen, Diane Burkom
Nominating Committee – Marcia Snyder
Program – Ilene Merenbloom
Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations Coordinators – Ruth Casper, Rochelle Savetman
Mailing Coordinator – Judi Cataldo
Media Coordinator – Carol Oppenheim
Meeting Coordinators – Benita Lozinsky, Deane Sevel, Sharon Tiplitz
Parliamentarian – Pat Hartley
Telephone Communication – Gilda Kahn, Barry Hond, Irene Palter, Janice Rudo
Webmaster – Yogi Savetman

Board of Directors 2017-2018
Ella Cohen, Carol Cummins, Estelle Kabik, Benita Lozinsky, Rosalind Pearlman, Gail Potashnock

Board of Directors 2017–2019
Hara Eckstein, Carol Oppenheim, Sharon Tiplitz

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