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Let’s Make Up


Membership News & Notes April 2013

First and foremost, let me welcome the following new members to Brandeis: Bonnie Block, Rona Brodsky, and Ellen Katz. We are so glad to have you as members and hope to see you at many events. Our “freshman class” has swelled to 25!

And now, on to my annual ode to Spring. Gilbert and Sullivan captured the essence of Spring in these perky lines from the Mikado:

The flowers that bloom in the Spring, tra la,
Breathe promise of merry sunshine
As we merrily dance and we sing, tra la,
We welcome the hope that they bring, tra la,
Of a summer of roses and wine.
And that’s what we mean
when we say that a thing
Is welcome as flowers that bloom in the Spring.

But let me be fair to this season of winter: during the last glorious weeks, we stood as one, black with white, Democrat with Republican, rich with poor, as we shrieked with joy for our beloved Ravens.

I am sure that both Gilbert and Sullivan—who both did not get along very well—would be smiling, had they known what April means to the Brandeis National Committee. This month starts the biggest bargain of our year. New members who join in the Spring will receive membership for the remaining months of this year and for the next entire year, all for the total amount of $60. New members who join by April 1 get three extra months of membership; those by May 1, two extra months; and those by June 1, one.

Some of the Live & Learn offerings are still in session; they make a good way to determine whether you will want to enroll in that one next year. Also, you may attend one session of a course at no charge before deciding to continue this year on a prorated basis as a member.

Let’s not wait until next Fall to bring friends and acquaintances in. Please call Ruth Casper, 443-394-1449, or Eva Silversmith, 410-486-4231, with the names of prospective members. Either one will be glad to follow up with a package of the Live & Learn catalogue, sample newsletter, membership application, and other pertinent information.

We established members must do our part. Let us bring friends to sample our classes. Let us bring friends to the free general meetings which offer fine programs. Let us bring friends to the opening and closing luncheons to hear stimulating speakers. If each of us could bring just one prospective member to one event, we could say “I have performed a mitzvah—I have opened the eyes of others to the organization that brings such fulfillment to so many of us.”

We are very excited about our changes to the organization of the Chavurah, for which we enroll through the Live & Learn catalogue. The topic for our most recent meeting on February 18 was “An Unusual Friendship.” The topic for April 15 will be “Do You Believe in ‘Beshert’?”

Chavurah meets at the home of Gail Gelber, 7111 Park Heights Avenue #612 at 1:30 pm. Please feel free to bring an interested friend—member or non-member—free of charge. Please let Barbara Barr, 410-358-3929, or Thelma Weiner, 410-486-4231, know if you will be bringing a guest.

Returning to Gilbert and Sullivan:

The classes that start in the Fall, Tra la,
Bring promise of fun and good times.
We’ll happily get on the ball, tra la,
Oh, what do you think of my rhymes?
You have any questions? Remember to call,
All hail to the classes that start in the Fall!

Yeah, I hear you—I’ll keep my day job!

—Eva Sliversmith
BNC Bulletin, March 2013/

Federation’s 97th Annual Convention


Save the Date:  May 2, 2013.  Federation’s 97th Annual Convention at Temple Oheb Shalom,
where we will be honoring our very own Eva Silversmith.
For details check out www.jewishwomensfed.org.

If you plan to attend, please mail your check for $36 by April 17th to:
Arlene Mazer
6 Halston Ct, 21209
Indicate that you want to sit at the BNC/Brandeis Table.

Book and Author Luncheon & Closing Meeting

Save the date: Thursday, May 23rd.

9780805092264 Our Closing Meeting will feature Eugenia Kim, author of The Calligrapher’s Daughter, a sweeping debut novel, inspired by the life of the author’s mother, as a young woman who dares to fight for a brighter future in occupied Korea.This Book & Author Luncheon will be held at Woodholme Country Club, 11 am. Bring your friends… All of Baltimore will want to hear Ms. Kim speak and enjoy the delicious lunch.To learn more, click the author’s website www.thecalligraphersdaughter.com. eugenia

Eugenia Kim


Chavurah… Come One, Have Fun

CBC closing luncheon tables

You are all invited to the next Chavurah Meeting,

Monday April 15th at 1:30 pm at Gail Gelber’s

The question of the day:

Do you believe that things are beshert?

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