May 26, 2018

The Importance of 18 and 113

There are 18 male annual members of the BNC Greater Boston Chapter, but there are 113 other men who are husbands or significant others of annual members- and they are not yet members themselves.

What does this mean for us?

The BNC Greater Boston Chapter is in the process of creating a Men’s Group, with a focus on events that are mainly appealing to men. These can encompass a vast range of programs, from sporting events, lunches/dinners, guest speakers, etc. The purpose is to increase our membership so we can continue to support our commitment to Brandeis University.

We are aware that many men still work, and we will be mindful of this when planning events.

If your significant other is not yet a member, why not sign him up as a Valentine Day’s gift? A non-member can join the chapter for $40 if his wife or significant other is already a member. You just need to be at the same address. Otherwise, the annual membership fee is the standard $60.

For more information, contact Ron Levy-


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