May 22, 2018

A message from your Chapter President

Edit: This note originally appeared in the Greater Boston BNC Chapter’s Spring 2017 Bulletin- these pieces are rarely published online, but an administrator featured it here due to its significance.

President’s Message  

This has been quite a year for our chapter! We had more people come to our Book and Author Luncheon than in 2016, beat our membership goal for the second year, added a men’s group, moved to a larger venue to handle all the Mah Jongg and Canasta players, had a wonderfully successful children’s collection for Hanukkah, are having a major fundraising event in June, and are poised for another wonderful year ahead.

I’ve seen friendships deepen, members coming to chapter meetings because, as they say, “they care about BNC”, and our donations to Brandeis flow in as we helped BNC exceed it’s campaign goal for the BNC Scholarship Campaign. People have come to our Potpourris, our Art Adventures, our Ethnic dining, and our Study Groups. Lots and lots of Study Groups!

So, it is bittersweet that I leave you in the hands of our Executive Board for next year, ending my term as president in June. My husband and I will be moving to San Diego this summer and it’s a bit of a commute for me to come to meetings and events in Boston. The chapter will be run by the Vice-Presidents of the Board of Directors, using a model that has been very successful in other BNC chapters.

You can help, too. I’ve said it before, so bear with me as I repeat myself: please volunteer! We are an organization of volunteers which means that everyone should try to do a little bit. Maybe you give an hour a year, maybe an hour a month, maybe more… every moment counts. Sign up in the fall to help with our social justice outreach, manage the food sign-ups for our opening and closing meetings, coordinate a Hanukkah collection, mentor a new member, or join any committee. Okay, enough noodging.

I’ve made some friends I love since becoming a member and I really hope to stay in touch with them after I move! I’m lucky to have two San Diego chapters near my new home and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer. I’ll be trying new study groups and going on new adventures and you should, too. Enjoy BNC!

Let me know if you make it out to San Diego. I’ll squeeze you in between my surfing lessons (kidding!). We’ll have lunch.


Lexie Magid

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