September 26, 2020

Board of Officers 2018-2019

Welcome to a new year and a new board! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and we can’t wait to see your at our events!

Boston Board of Officers

Treasurer Bev Cohen 781-83-6450
Corresponding Secretary Merle Carrus
VP Programming Audree Dyson 508-668-8122
VP Fundraising Leslie Pearlstein 781-828-0694
VP Membership Nancy Lightman 617-964-7537
VP Learning Opportunities Sylvia Goodman 617-965-4332
VP Art Adventures Merle Carrus


Cape Cod Steering Committee

Anita Shulman 508-564-4823
Barbara Berler 508-743-8333
Andrea Chaitman 508-420-0436
Iris Clickstein 508-457-9629


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