June 5, 2023

Play Time

On Saturday, April 16, 2016 BNC Clearbrook is gathering to watch the play: “MY NAME IS ASHER LEV”
Annual Matinee at the George Street Playhouse

Cost: tbd –Sign Our Interest List at the next meeting.

Includes Bus, Matinee, & Lunch
Catered by Old Man Rafferty’s
Contact Isabelle Tucker-860-1856

For all Brandeis on the Go Events: ($8 proceeds to Sustaining The Mind Fund)
TRIPS ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH OR SPONSORED BY CLEARBROOK COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION TRIP POLICY REMINDER Any expense incurred by Brandeis cannot be refunded. If there is no waiting list and if a member transfers his/her participation in a trip to a non-member an additional $10 is required. Refunds will be made after the final accounting for each trip. We are happy to refund any sum for which we are not held accountable. If anyone who has signed up for a trip must cancel, that person must call the leader of that trip about a possible replacement from the wait-list.

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