September 27, 2023

Student Stories

Brandeis University recognizes that higher education can be cost prohibitive, but believes every deserving student should have the chance to attend regardless of financial background. Without the help of BNC donors the school would not be able to provide the financial assistance it does. Both the campus and the world would be worse off for lack of these students. The BNC’s Scholarship Campaign, which raised money specifically for student scholarships, was so successful that it has become a fund. Learn more or donate to the fund here.

It may sometimes be difficult to fully understand the impact that donations make. Let some of our BNC Scholars explain for themselves how much your help means to them.


Meet Jacob Abrams ’17

A BNC Scholar from Boca Raton, Florida, Jacob graduated as a Biology and Classical Studies double major with an Italian Studies minor. He was on the pre-med track and plans on attending medical school in the fall of 2018. During his time at Brandeis he was director of the BNC Student Ambassador program, senior student representative for the Alumni Association board of directors, and the Undergraduate Department Representative for the Classical Studies department. Jacob chose Brandeis because of the resources and encouragement the school provides its students in order to gain meaningful leadership experiences. Read Jacob’s thank you letter to BNC members and watch this video, in which he describes the lasting impact your support has made on his life and those of other BNC Scholars.



Meet Rebecca Wiser ’19

A BNC Scholar from Boca Raton, Florida, Rebecca is a Health: Science, Society and Policy major. Her ultimate goal is to become a life coach, and health and wellness consultant. Rebecca chose Brandeis because of its commitment to social justice and the close-knit campus community, which values kindness, integrity and service to others. Read her thank you letter to BNC members, in which she describes the lasting impact your support has made on her life and those of other BNC Scholars.




Meet Cassidy Swartz ’16

A BNC Scholar from Chandler, Arizona, Cassidy was a Health: Science, Society and Policy major and soccer player at Brandeis. She volunteered at Newton-Wellesley hospital and tutored an elementary school student on top of a full load of courses. After graduation, Cassidy became a medical assistant, a profession she believes helps her use what she learned at Brandeis to help others. Hear her explain in this video why she is proud to have attended the nation’s only non-sectarian university founded by the American Jewish community and how this experience has transformed her life.

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