October 18, 2018

Study group updates


Check whats happening with our Study Groups!

Hello Members: Here we are again with the latest news from Study Groups. Our Vice Presidents have been very busy with new groups. If you are interested in the groups recently formed, groups now being formed, and even groups that have been going on for quite a while, just call the V.P. who is doing the organizing and get yourself enrolled for the fun. Check out what we have all been busy with during the last month.

Honey Bencomo – danhoney@aol.com (click here to send email directly to Honey)

The Constitution VS the 21st Century 
There has been an organizational meeting and everyone is prepared to discuss where we stand on the relevance of the Constitution.

A New Legal Puzzler Group 
With legal problems all around us every day, we all have many questions that we want to discuss and debate. The organization meeting is scheduled for next week. Legal puzzler groups are among out most popular so join quickly.

Conejo Valley Women 

who dine and go to the theater right here in the Conejo Valley is the subjects of a new group that is in the planning stage.

Beverly Sklar – beverlysklar2@gmail.com (click here to send email directly to Beverly)

The Investment Group has just started and so there are openings. All the members are very excited so don’t miss this opportunity to learn and enjoy.

Ethnic Dining is just formed and is going strong now also. Join up as it is such fun.

Monday Morning Quarterbacks is a men’s group which discusses sports and values all the members’ opinions. They would like more members so call to get involved.

There are several groups that have been suggested in this category and if you are interested call to sign up. Men’s and Couples Mah Jang, Bridge, Cribbage, Poker, Men’s Golf and an exciting wine tasting group.
Also due to the many members who want to join, a new On the Town Group will soon begin.
Ellie Puls – norm0020@yahoo.com (click here to send email directly to Ellie)

The Supreme Court and Couples Potpourri have had their organizational meeting but would love to have new members joining.

Women in History and a Book Club are new groups that are in the forming stage and sound very exciting.
Sign up as soon as you can for these new groups.

If you have a Study Group in mind, please fill this form and send/give to one of our Study Group VP’s

Study group Request Form to join a new group.(pdf. format)
Thank you,

  Your Study Group Vice Presidents:


Ellie Puls   norm0020@yahoo.com
Honey Bencomo
Beverly Sklar

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