July 18, 2018


Message from our Brandeis Co-Presidents:

Elaine and I want to thank all of our members who braved the rain and the distance to attend our University on Wheels event. Those of us who attended the event were rewarded with a delicious brunch and interesting guest professors from Brandeis University. Here is a note from one of the attendees, Rickey Harris, that you might enjoy reading.


On January 8, 2018, the guest speakers at American Jewish University were Professor Michael Doonan; expert in healthcare reform and Professor Melissa Kosinski-Collins, Researcher in neurodegenerative disease.

My study group, “Let’s Go”, organized about 8 of us to attend as a group. We thought the subject matter sounded very interesting and pertinent to current events. In spite of the rain and usual grid-lock traffic on the 101 & 405 from Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, etc. we braved our way to The American Jewish University that Monday morning and were so glad we did!

The speakers were outstanding! The Event well planned and well organized.

Mike talked about the potential impact of a decrease in funding for Medicaid and how that can affect Obamacare and the health of recipients. His “insider” information having been part of both the Clinton & Obama administrational health planning committees brought us greater understanding of the “machinations” & “back door” dealings that went on to achieve a national health insurance program for all Americans. He was knowledgeable and forthcoming of his personal views without pointing fingers at those who have and are obstructing this sorely needed and important program for all!

Melissa talked about her and her students’ research in Huntingtons Disease. She said there is not a lot of money invested in that research so it’s a great opportunity for Brandeis to work on it because the other Neurodegenerative diseases have much in common w Huntingtons, and a discovery in one might help the other. She was the most passionate and animated speaker/teacher and I left with the feeling that had I been lucky enough to have had her as one of my Professors in Collage, my ultimate career might have turned to the Sciences or Bioscience.

Food was delicious and mingling with other chapter members next year sounds like fun! And I look forward to next year!

You both are doing a great job and just want you to know that we all appreciate your hard work and efforts on our behalf!! Kudos to you both and the board!

Respectively submitted,
Rickey Harris
Conejo chapter

Elaine and I hope to see you at next years’ UOW.

Our Brandeis Chapter is a dynamic and active group raising funds for Brandeis Research. Come join us in our activities.

Judy Perlman judithfp@gmail.com
Elaine Bercy cyberbercy@aol.com,
your Co Presidents BNC Conejo


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