October 21, 2017

Study Groups

Study groups, also known as Learning Opportunities, are an integral part of BNC Conejo Valley. They provide our members with a place to gather, spend time with friends, and meet new people with similar interests.

Check whats happening with our Study Groups!

This month let’s start off by thanking the Study Group Registrars, Timmie High, Jenna Katz, and Judy Rosenberg. They are really working hard with all the study groups fees to keep track of and changing our bookkeeping to a data base. Thank you very much. And just a quick reminder: if an idea for a study group sounds good to you and you don’t know if we have one on that topic or you want to suggest a topic, contact us. That’s how most of our groups started. Have pity on us. We are running out of ideas and would love to take credit for yours.

Study Group News and information about new groups:

Please contact: Bev Sklar at beverlysklar2@gmail.com if you are interested in the following groups:

~~ If you are interested in joining an “investment group”. We already have some members starting on their way to making a fortune, so be part of the crowd to the bank.
~~ A daytime “Ethnic Dining Group” which meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month has been formed. Join us for lunch at a different restaurant each time for exotic cuisine.
~~ “Bringing the Iliad to Life” -reading and discussing Homer’s masterpiece and making it relevant to us today is one of our new forming groups. Contact Bev about the new group forming.
~~ We have received interest in a wine appreciation group and a Cribbage group (We even have someone who will teach it.) Contact Bev if interested.
~~ Do you want to have fun and camaraderie with other couples? Going out with an “On the Town” group visiting amazing sites, museums and places of interest will be just the thing. Contact Bev.
~~ Bridge, Poker for Men and Women, Canasta, and Maj for Men have generated interest. Bev Sklar would like to know if you want to be involved.

~~THE CONSTITUTION VS. THE 21ST CENTURY: Is the Constitution relevant to today’s society?
If you are interested in joining this stimulating discussion group, please contact
Honey Bencomo at danhoney@aol.com 

~~Two of our newest groups in the forming process are Couples Potpouri and The Supreme Court.
To find out about them contact Ellie Puls at norm0020@yahoo.com 

We do have some groups that would like to add members to their list. Here are some that really are enjoyable and you should look into, Health and Happiness, Canasta Club, and Women in Transition. Both are very informative and have a great group of members. There are always Book Clubs, Movie Groups, Current Events, and On the Town Groups that are just waiting for you to ask for them. Contact one of us and we will point you in the right direction.

If you have a Study Group in mind, please fill this form and send/give to one of our Study Group VP’s

Study group Request Form to join a new group.(pdf. format)

Thank you,

  Your Study Group Vice Presidents:

Ellie Puls   norm0020@yahoo.com
Honey Bencomo
Beverly Sklar

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