August 4, 2020

Study Groups

Study groups, also known as Learning Opportunities, are an integral part of BNC Conejo Valley. They provide our members with a place to gather, spend time with friends, and meet new people with similar interests.

Check whats happening with our Study Groups!


National dues ($60) are due in July
but you can pay now and get it done.
It’s easy! Go on line and pay with your credit card. Go to and click on “Renew”
Or Google Brandeis National Committee and you can get to the same website. Paying on line is faster and your payment is recorded more quickly and accurately.

Study Group fees of $15 (check made out to Brandeis University)
will be collected by the Coordinator of each of your groups. Leaders and Coordinators can start collecting $15 checks any time now. Just be sure to make the check out to Brandeis University and write the name of your group on the memo line.

And now for the main event:
Here is the latest news from the Study Group V.P.s.

We had a great orientation coffee and are working VERY hard on placing all the members who want so badly to get into study groups. Remember, if you have any new ideas be sure to let us know because you will be surprised how many members will say, “Hey, I like that, too.”

One good idea that just came in is a Knitting Group. A member suggested that and we have had several people who are interested. If you just want to sit with other knitters, get new ideas, get help with projects that you are working on, or help others while you or they learn, it will be a very social time. Contact me as we are about to start a new group now. ELLIE PULS – (click here to send email directly to Ellie)

Another group that just came up appeals to those who want to socialize, discuss and exercise at the same time. The study group will be divided into smaller groups and each will be given some topics to discuss as they walk. Then the groups will get together and compare the topics that they talked about and their findings. You can exercise your mind and body both at the same time. Contact Janet Brasler:
Janet Brasler – (click here to send email directly to Janet)

A new theater group for women has had an organization meeting but is looking for more members and a theater group for couples is getting ready to start. Get in on the bottom floor for one or both if you are real theater goer. Contact HONEY BENCOMO – (click here to send email directly to Honey)

We are very actively starting new groups all the time. The study groups that are being considered now for new and existing members are: Book Clubs, On the Town, Women of History, Women of the Bible, Family Finders (which is a genealogy group), Potpourri, (both couple and singles) – which are a variety of things that interest the group, Current Events and Legal Puzzlers.

Now everyone, we want to ask a favor.
When we contact you asking if you are still interested in a particular group, PLEASE respond to us RIGHT AWAY. It just takes a minute to click on “reply” to let us know “YES” or “NO”. We would appreciate it!

Please contact our Study Group Vice Presidents if you are interested.

HONEY BENCOMO (for Legal Puzzlers & Current Events) – (click here to send email directly to Honey)

ELLIE PULS – (click here to send email directly to Ellie)

BEV SKLAR – (click here to send email directly to Beverly)

Let Brandeis Study Groups make this a great and busy year and do not forget our other ways to make life easy.

Contact Renee at 805-374-9660
to order Brent’s Cards and Tribute Cards to send to our friends and relatives for happy occasions as well as sad.

If you have a Study Group in mind, please fill this form and send/give to one of our Study Group VP’s

Study group Request Form to join a new group.(pdf. format)

CLICK HERE FOR FULL Study Group Schedule – 2018

Get detailed description about each Study Group and information when they meet.

Thank you,

  Your Study Group Vice Presidents:

Ellie Puls
Honey Bencomo
Beverly Sklar 

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