President’s Farewell

eleanor-blankIt has been nearly two years since I began my term as your president with specific goals for our chapter. Those goals were to increase the membership, broaden our menu of learning opportunities and special events, and meet the financial goals set for us at the national office. The chapter has met all of these goals and for this I am most grateful to all of you who worked so faithfully to make it happen.

I have been fortunate in having had the assistance of those who came before me as well as input and teamwork from both long time and newer members. Many of our newer members willingly took on positions of responsibility. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of you on the Board who showed up on the third Monday of every month with smiling faces and fresh ideas.

I am most thankful to Sally Brockman, Cecilia Cohen and Jean Carrus for being patient mentors and always being available to answer my questions and provide me with much needed guidance.
Soon, I will pass the baton to our incoming president, Maggie Henderson. Maggie brings to our chapter her superior intellect and soft spoken wisdom, a winning combination. I know our Brandeis Desert Chapter will not only continue to grow, but will thrive under Maggie’s leadership. We are most fortunate to have Maggie at the helm.

As a final word, I ask you once again, to bring a friend to our Brandeis events. Our greatest asset is our members, individually and collectively. Let’s have our friends join us.
I thank all of you for the honor of having been your leader these last two years. It has been one of the highlights of my life.

Eleanor Blank