November 20, 2018

BNC President’s Message: Philanthropy ~~ Learning ~~ Community


Hello everyone. It’s that time again, time to make plans for this coming season and to get ready for another exciting and entertaining Brandeis adventure.

In this month’s bulletin you will find the information you need to sign up for NEW and OPEN study groups and special events. You can sign up for study groups and special events at Showcase or just click in the appropriate place in this bulletin. Our study groups offer new opportunities to join book groups, movie groups, and a new men’s group.  And, we are opening a second Yiddish group.

To highlight just a few special events: our VERY BIG FUNDRAISER this year will be held in February at the CODA GALLERY GALA.  This is a gala and cocktail party filled with music, art, wine and the rest of all the good things you would expect at such an event. I urge you to support our chapter and neuroscience research at Brandeis University and attend this marvelous event. Check out the flyer for more details. Our first WOMAN OF THE YEAR event will be held in April honoring Sally Brockman, a Brandeis member, who has been a wonderful volunteer in Brandeis and our community for many years. And get ready for Game Day January in partnership with Sabra Hadassah.

You will notice some changes to our usual lineup of events.  This year we will not offer Deis Flicks or the Book and Author luncheon. Regarding Deis Flicks, we have exhausted Brandeis’ library of films; and as for Book and Author, it seemed time to take a hiatus and offer some new and different events. We sincerely hope you will enjoy the new special events.

This year, the money we raise for Brandeis will have a new focus.  The Brandeis National Committee and Brandeis University will be raising funds for the MAGNIFY THE MIND CAMPAIGN, an effort to raise $500,000 to purchase a two photon microscope to observe brain activity in real time. This microscope will move Brandeis’ brain research toward new discoveries and treatment of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and Autism.  Of course, you can continue to contribute to Sustaining the Mind campaign, the University’s continuing brain research effort.  The Scholarship campaign received an enormous endowment last year so that campaign has been very successful.

Last year our efforts to increase our membership soared thanks to the efforts of Eleanor Blank Gail Minkow, Sally Brockman and all of you who brought prospective members to our coffees and other events.  We look to your help again, to identify potential members.  Bring non-member friends to an event or luncheon so they can have the “Brandeis experience”. Every organization needs a continuing stream of new energy and volunteers to grow and thrive.

In closing, a very big THANK YOU to all our volunteers who have worked all year to make the Brandeis experience worthwhile. And to our new members,


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