BNC President’s Message / June 2021

Dear Friends,

This has been quite a moment in time. None of us ever anticipated the complete displacement of our lives for an entire year. I think I speak for most of us; we are finally ready to give a collective sigh of relief. Our homebound life is almost over. My prescient self can see the future and it is looking promising. I am writing today to talk about a welcome return to normal. Our Desert Chapter of Brandeis University is making plans to excite your imagination and bring us all together once again.

We just had an election and, for those who know me, I’m proud to announce that I have the honor to be the new incoming President. I’m excited and a bit nervous…I have very big shoes to fill.

My name is Charlene Williamson and for the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of planning many of our events. I have loved feeding people and taking pictures of happy, smiling faces at our Brandeis parties. I will be coming to my new office with lots of help…our new Executive Board is filled with women of exceptional capabilities.

For those who don’t know me, be assured that I bring years of experience to my new office. In the past, I have served on the Women’s Board of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. In my hometown of Chicago, I spent 20 years on the Board of the American Opera Society, with four years as President. When my husband and I moved to Connecticut, I had the honor to chair The Women’s Campaign to raise money for the Greenwich Jewish Federation. I was raised to believe that a life without involvement is an empty one.

After a really difficult time for the entire country, the Board and I have a feeling of renewed excitement for our coming year.  When we put the final touches on what we hope will be an exciting Fall schedule, we will send out all the necessary information via our Brandeis Bulletin.

Here is the Brandeis Desert Chapter Executive Board for 2021-2022:

President: Charlene Williamson
Vice President: Beverly Ross
Vice President: Carol Radin
Secretary: Sandie Eichberg
Treasurer/Parliamentarian: Jean Carrus
Membership: Eleanor Blank

I look forward to the coming year with great anticipation as your new President of the Desert Chapter of Brandeis University.

Charlene Williamson
President, Brandeis Desert Chapter

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