BNC President’s Message / September – October 2021

Dear Friends,

At one time or another, every woman has searched for the perfect “little black dress.” Every woman has known the excitement when you finally find it. It fits comfortably and you feel a sense of well-being when you wear it.
When I moved to the desert, I left a group of amazing women with whom I had a great fit. We raised scholarship funds for talented young singers and musicians, many of whom went on to amazing careers.

My job at The American Opera Society in Chicago was the perfect black dress. I loved working with dedicated young musicians and opera singers. About the time my tenure as President of the Opera Society was over, I decided to retire and relocate to the desert.

One lovely, sunny afternoon, after I arrived in the desert, I attended a cocktail party with a friend. The event was sponsored by the Desert Chapter of Brandeis University. I found myself in the company of friendly, smart, interesting women. I was asked if I had any interest in learning more about the local chapter. The thing that caught and held my interest was the mention of all the classes the group offered. I googled Brandeis University and was impressed with what I read about the school.

I was hooked…I found my new place in my new city, and I have never looked back. I know it’s not exactly like finding the perfect black dress, but the sense of comfort and rightness is much the same.

As the new, current President of our Desert Chapter, I’m excited about my job and hope to have an opportunity to greet members in person at the many events which are being planned. This is a difficult time in our country and some of the customs we know are being thrown up for grabs. So…it’s up to all of us to do our part in keeping sensible protocols in place for the safety of our members. We have been asked by National to provide proof of vaccinations to all indoor events. Masks should be worn upon arrival at certain venues until it’s safe to remove them. I know that following some of these rules is not easy. I also know that we are up to the task.

I look forward to the coming year with anticipation. Remember, common sense is not a gift given to everyone!!! Be smart and stay safe.

Charlene Williamson
President, Brandeis Desert Chapter

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