BNC President’s Message / February – March 2022

Dear Friends,

These are truly the times that try men’s souls; forgive the cliché…but it does seem appropriate right now. I have been living in a cancellation mode for the last few months. I missed the opening night of the symphony at the McCallum, an event I wait all year to attend. I missed what I’m sure was a beautiful party for one of our members; and a dinner party for my grandson’s 29th birthday in Irvine. A younger me would have been devastated to miss such momentous occasions, but I decided to err on the side of caution…more clichés. So sorry.

We usually invite the entire membership to our first annual meeting of the year. We are fortunate to hold this event at the beautiful home of one of our members. The objective of this meeting is to allow the general membership to see how our board conducts Brandeis affairs. For the sake of good health practices, we cancelled the meeting and decided that we will wait until next year. So sorry.

Brandeis National Committee always sends a visiting professor in January for our event, UNIVERSITY ON WHEELS. We look forward to the affair because the teachers are always fascinating and speak on a variety of subjects from theater to organic farming. We serve lunch in a lovely venue and get to hear a wonderful speaker. This year University on Wheels will be on March 9th, and we will be zooming. Bring your own lunch. So sorry.

Now for the good news…on March 22nd we will be meeting IN PERSON at the beautiful Omni Rancho las Palmas Hotel for our BOOK AND AUTHOR event. We are doing a Mystery Writers program worthy of Sherlock Holmes. We have two famous authors coming to speak about their work. To say we are excited about this is to add more clichés, but who’s counting. A wonderful registration flyer is being done as we speak and will be sent out soon. This is a luncheon event you won’t want to miss. I’m really excited about this and look forward to seeing everyone. Do remember vaccination cards and masks are required.

Now, for more good news. On Sunday, April 10th we will be holding our WOMAN OF THE YEAR Brunch at Sun City in Palm Desert. I can’t think of a more deserving person than our own Marcia Plumleigh, past President, to be our recipient. She served as President of the Desert Chapter for Brandeis for four years. She served with dignity, imagination and patience. Wrangling 15 or 20 Alpha females at every board meeting was no easy job…Marcia was always up to the task. She left very big shoes to fill. She also left impeccable files…I’m still trying to get organized! So sorry.

February 14th is Valentines Day…try to spread love everywhere you go…Mother Teresa said it, it’s a good idea.

Charlene Williamson
President, Brandeis Desert Chapter

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