BNC President’s Message / June-July 2022

Dear Friends,
It’s summertime here in the desert and temperatures are soaring. Everyone I know is making travel arrangements to cooler climates here and abroad. For the last two years the Covid pandemic has orchestrated the limits of our lives. It seems that the global community now has a better handle on the virus and suddenly…people are rushing to airports in droves. Americans love to take to the roads and skyways in the summer. We all have pent up plans to visit friends, relatives and wonderful, new places. I’m leaving next week to visit friends and family in my hometown of Chicago.
At our last planning meeting, the committee suggested an early October wine and cheese party to be held in the home of a member. The event will kick off our 2022-2023 season.
Our annual Showcase Luncheon will be held late in October at a hotel yet to be determined. A new format for the event is being developed.
After two years, University on Wheels will again be an in-person event at a local venue which has not yet been determined. We need a date from National.
March programming will include our Book and Author event and a local celebrity will be our guest speaker…arrangements are currently underway.
April will initiate a luminary brunch which will probably be held once again in Sun City.
This year at our Showcase event a new “Women’s Forum” series will be introduced. All the details need to be ironed out. The Forum will deal with any issues pertaining to the health and welfare of women. Guests with credentials will be invited to speak. We’re hoping to use Speakers Hall in Sun City Palm Desert for these events.
We are pleased that our efforts to become a Resident Club at the Del Webb Sun City in Palm Desert have finally come to fruition. For those members who live in Sun City, the publication News and Views will now carry all information pertaining to our organization. After much work on the part of Marcia Plumleigh’s Board, mission accomplished.
I am off to pack for cooler climes, but I will continue to think of ways to excite and entice new memberships for our desert chapter of Brandeis. The last two years have been a trial for everyone. Here in our desert chapter, we have lost treasured friends to illness and age. I know that loss is part of living, but that doesn’t make it easier to bear. To those of us who know a friend who is not well, remember to call, send a note, text a message. We are a family and we must take care of each other.
Charlene Williamson, President
Brandeis Desert Chapter

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