May 28, 2023

Event: Good Housekeeping Institute Tour – April 13th

Come explore the behind-the-scenes of Good Housekeeping on this tour of the Institute. Good Housekeeping, a health, life, and style magazine, is backed by the Good Housekeeping Institute where products are reviewed and tested. On our tour we will visit the labs, meet the experts, and learn about the testing and reviewing process.

Good Housekeeping was started in 1900 with the goal of providing it’s reader’s with the best information to create a happy healthy life. Before there were the food and safety regulations we enjoy today, there was Good Housekeeping. It was warning its readers about dangerous preservatives in food products and lead levels in children’s toys long before any legislation was in place. Truly a institution ahead of its time, Good Housekeeping went beyond product testing to advise readers on lifestyle and health choices, such exercise and diet instead of weight loss pills and installing seat belts in cars. The Institute’s findings helped create the Pure Food and Drug Act and the Food and Drug Administration, among other safety standards.

After the tour we will enjoy a lunch at a local restaurant together. Please see the Bulletin for further information.

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