June 7, 2023

Event: Yeshiva University Museum Tour – April 25th

Join BNC Gotham on April 25th for a tour of the Yeshiva University Museum. This museum, in connection to the University, is a celebration of Jewish work and accomplishments throughout history and around the world. The collection of 10,000 artifacts, exhibitions, programs, and installations attempt to capture the cultural, intellectual and artistic achievements of the Jewish people spanning 5,00 years. Exhibits feature fine art, folk art, clothing, textiles, ceremonial and ritual objects, historically significant documents, letters, photographs, and other objects of quotidian and significant events.

The museum is composed of four galleries, an outdoor sculpture garden, a children’s studio workshop, and a discovery center. As a teaching museum, in concert with Yeshiva University, it provides unique opportunities and programs for research and learning.

Following our tour we will have lunch together at Serenata.

Please see the bulletin for more details and directions.

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