June 23, 2017

About BNC Gotham

There’s something for everyone in NYC! The Brandeis National Committee in Gotham is the heart and soul of continuing education opportunities in a bustling, ever busy, never sleeping city. We welcome you to join our vibrant network of men and women. Some FAQs are listed below.

Annual Dues – $60 – basic membership, $100 for couples
Dues can be paid by credit card by going online to http://www.brandeis.edu/bnc/get-involved/how-to-join.html, a secure site by Brandeis University. Questions? Contact Dania Khandaker in the National Office, 781-736-4171 or send checks payable to BNC to Pat Glickman, 301 East 48th Street, #15F, New York 10017.

Umbrella Fee – A voluntary annual $15 contribution that offsets chapter expenses and helps us meet our financial goals by contributing to the cost of printing and membership mailings. Send checks payable to BNC to Gloria Lazarus, 36 Sutton Place South, #6D, New York 10022.

General Meetings are held at The Barbizon on the first Wednesday of the month. The Barbizon is located at 140 East 63 St, in the Club Salon on the 3rd floor. All members are welcome to attend.

Study groups are open to Brandeis members only. Payment of a single $40 fee will allow you to attend the eight regular study groups in the afternoon following our General Meetings, October to June. Send checks for $40 payable to BNC to Doris Bahar, 330 E. 75th St #11B, New York 10021. These talks will be held on specific Wednesday afternoons at 1:15 p.m. at The Barbizon.

Please always confirm your attendance with Doris Bahar, 212-772-6071.
Once you are a study group member, there are separate and additional special study groups. In the current calendar we offer:

Book Club – $20 for 4 sessions, in addition to study group fee.
Send checks payable to BNC to Phyllis Chasin, 345 East 56 Street, #12G, New York 10022.

We look forward to your participation and attendance at our events. If you discover that you cannot attend an event already paid for, let the chairperson know. There is usually a waiting list. In case of nonattendance, your payment will be considered a full donation to BNC. No refunds can be made.

Members of other chapters may receive the Gotham Bulletin upon request. Reminders of future events are sent to members by email.

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