May 29, 2017


Marian Jordan, Lee Liss

Phyllis Gates, Pat Glickman, Rhoda Greif, Cora-Sue Kaufman,
Gloria Lazarus, Francoise Marcus, Tammy Weintraub

Alumni Liaison – Elinor Lubin
Recording Secretaries – Helen Winter, Rotating Members
Corresponding Secretary – Joanne Goldfarb
Members’ Special Updates – Sara Zimmerman
Membership – Pat Glickman , Francoise Marcus
New Vistas – Carole Weinberg
Sustaining the Mind Initiative – Carole Weinberg
Master Calendar – Phyllis Gates
Chapter Information Officer (CIO) – Tammy Weintraub
Community Service – Loeva Bernard, Marilyn Bond, Helene Stern
Fundraising – Phyllis Gates, Cora-Sue Kaufman
Publications – Wendy Montgomery, Susi Weiner
Great Decisions – Elinor Lubin
Parliamentarian – Francoise Marcus
Treasurer – Gloria Lazarus
Nominating Committee – Phyllis Chasin, Cora-Sue Kaufman, Gloria Lazarus, Debbie Sklar
Book & Author Luncheon – Linda Lerner
Book Club – Phyllis Chasin, Shari Lessing
Book Fund – Joanne Goldfarb
Regional Rep – Sally Menkes
Alumni Liaison – Elinor Lubin
Roundabout Theater – Eleanor Schick
Special Occasions Photographer – Judy Kendall Levine
Study Groups – Rhoda Greif, Tammy Weintraub
Work Scholar Program – Eleanor Schick, Lela Somma
Men’s Group – Steve Friedberg, Steve Hill
Gotham Chapter Website – Steve Hill, Gloria Hurwitz, Francoise Marcus

Mildred Aksen (1)
Phyllis Chasin (3)
Edith Finell (2)
Leslie Hammer (1)
Shari Lessing (3)
Arlene Linder (2)
Eleanor Schick (1)
Debbie Sklar (3)
Lela Somma (3)
Judith Volin (3)
Helen Winter (2)

Estelle Green Jeanne Jacobson Barbara Klein Betsy Levinsky Ronnie Lachterman Ariel Mandel Florence Simon (*Past presidents who currently do not have positions on the Board)

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