October 3, 2023

2017-2018 Board of Officers

Welcome to a new BNC year and a new board of officers. We are here to help the chapter run as smoothly as possible while providing our members with exciting activities and social opportunities. If you have any question, concerns or suggestions feel free to reach out! We look forward to sharing another year of learning, philanthropy and fun together.

President Lee Liss leeliss@icloud.com
Treasurer Lydia Rentel lydiasrentel@aol.com
Asst. Treasurer Gloria Lazarus
Recording Secretary Maxine Schweitzer mjrs141@gmail.com
Membership Pat Glickman

Francoise Marcus



Fundraising Phyllis Gates

Cora Sue Kaufman



Study Groups Rhoda Greif

Tammy Weintraub



Nominating Committee Rhoda Barkin, Marina Pasloff, Linda Schain, Debbi Sklar
Directors (3 year term) Marilyn Bond, Rita Lavitt, Gloria Pilot, Judy Volin


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