September 22, 2023

Study Groups

Study groups, also called Learning Opportunities, are an important part of BNC Gotham’s goal towards lifelong learning. Our members, in true Brandeis spirit, value learning simply for the sake of learning. Led by fellow BNC members and sometimes aided by materials compiled by Brandeis professors, study groups aim to promote social interaction in an educational and thought-provoking environment. Every year the chapter is careful to include study groups and events across many topics to ensure there is something for everyone. NYC has so much to offer in terms of culture and attractions to draw on that we can promise our members’ curiosity will always be piqued.

Study groups are available to BNC members only, but non-members are welcome to join us at open events. In order to participate in the topic specific study groups members must also join the general study group that meets after the general meetings. There is a one time $40 fee for the eight general study group sessions, but other study groups may have additional costs.


Stay tuned for this year’s list of study groups, coming soon!


If you are curious about past study groups BNC Gotham has hosted, take a look in our bulletins archive.

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