December 7, 2019

Spread Your Wings with Brandeis – The Next Few Weeks

    Our 2019-2020 Study Guide has been published. If you don’t have your own personal copy, click below to look at all of the Study Guide offerings by opening the file provided here. We have a wide variety of events and look forward to seeing you at many of them.

    To read or search the web version of the Study Guide, click here for 61 events on 44 pages.

    To see pictures of some previous events of 2019-20,click here.
    To see pictures from some previous events of 2018-19,click here.
    To see info from the Social Justice Committee, click here.

    Upcoming Events
    No. Day mm/dd Time Event
    33 Sun 12/08 02:00 Singin’ In the Rain
    29 Mon 12/09 10:00 Mah Jongg for Beginners
    2A Mon 12/09 02:00 Knit and Stitch A
    34 Tue 12/10 11:00 Nt’l Museum of Women in Arts
    Wed 12/11 12:30 Let’s Do Lunch
    4 Wed 12/11 01:30 Men’s Book Club
    35 Thu 12/12 01:00 Making Wire Rings
    36 Fri 12/13 10:30 Confessions/Game Show
    2B Mon 12/16 02:00 Knit and Stitch B
    37 Tue 12/17 10:30 Americans and the Holocaust
    20 Wed 12/18 10:30 Best Selling Authors Book Club
    11A Sun 12/22 11:00 Sunday News Discussion A
    11BCD Sun 12/22 07:00 Sunday News Discussions BCD
    12 Mon 12/23 10:00 Mystery Book Club
    13 Mon 12/23 12:30 Women and Literature
    2C Mon 12/23 02:00 Knit and Stitch C
    1 Fri 01/03 10:00 Play Discussion

    When Montgomery County Schools are closed due to inclement weather all Brandeis events will be cancelled. If Montgomery County Public Schools issues a two-hour delay, Brandeis events will take place.

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