May 29, 2017

About Us 2016-2017


Honey’s Installation Speech

When I stood up here last year as the newly installed President, I was a tad panicked. This year as I stand before you as the “seasoned” President, I am in awe. Awed by how much we have accomplished in a year, awed by the amazing membership I have gotten to know and awed by your commitment to BNC. I was told that the job was not easy, I would be busy like crazy with tons of meetings. Well, yes, there are lots of meetings, but what I found was amazing women who took on responsibilities and just ran with them. These women gave, not 100%, but 120%. We were there to be supportive.
With our increased membership, we encourage all of you to get involved. It is a wonderful way to keep abreast of what is happening in the Chapter. I’m not being a noodge, just making a suggestion. Pardon my “high-brow” TV tastes, but I was watching Madam Secretary recently and she was speaking before the UN, a prestigious group, certainly, but not nearly as elegant as this gathering. She was talking to the nations of the world about the importance of working together to get things to get things done. I started thinking, that is exactly what we do in our BNC chapter. We work together to fulfill our goals and responsibilities, and fulfill them we did. We were told recently that we are regarded right up there with the Phoenix Chapter which is #1 in the BNC Network. Rather Good company I would say.
And how did this happen you might ask? Well the answer is simple…..YOU! We had record breaking attendance at all of our events this year. 270 attendees at the Book and Author Luncheon, 150+ at Train your Brain, 170 at Lunch and Learn and the list goes on. Our General meetings and our Board meetings also had fabulous crowds. Of course, there is always lunch. A girl’s gotta eat.
Let’s not forget our fantastic Study Guide. The best, well, until next years comes out. A friend of mine recently commented that she had a complaint about the Study Guide, there were too many good choices and not enough hours to do it all. Complaints like that are OK in my book.
It really has been a phenomenal year. Working with Barbara has been a joy. We talked, we emailed, we laughed, we emailed, we joked, we emailed…Plain and simple, we communicated a lot and we had fun doing it together. Thank you for a wonderful year and most importantly for a continuing friendship.
Tina, I welcome you to your new position. I know the success we have experienced this year will continue under our Presidency and BNC will thrive under your leadership.
To all of you I say, Thank You for your support and for making our Chapter such a success. We look forward to your participation in our future events and to getting involved. Come and have fun with us and at the same time help Brandeis University continue educating our young women and men.
Enjoy the day and please visit the vendors.

BOARD 2016-2017

Co-Presidents: Honey Edell and Tina Levine
Administrative VP: Harriet Sturm
Book Fund VP: Linda Horowitz
Membership VPs: Elaine Moss, Margie Lappen, Sara Rohde
Special Events VPs: Marlene Goldschmidt, Gail Rubinson
Study Guide VPs: Margot Raphael, Susan Leshner, Janet Batlan
Accounts Payable Treasurer: Linda Raden
Accounts Receivable Treasurer: Ellen Glazer
Administrative Secretary: Shelby Herman
Corresponding Secretary: Sandy Pincus-Rush
Financial Secretary: Sandy Levinson
Recording Secretary: MaryEllen Stein
Registrar: Roz Auerbach
Parliamentarians: Joni Sommer, Roberta Feigen
Nominating Committee Chair: Barbara Fayne
Nominating Committee: Judy Blickstein, Sandra Crausman, Marsha Raff, Carolyn Gross, Nancy Silver, Lynne Groban, Lorraine Rose, Myrna Shenkler
2016–2017 2016–2018
Marcia Akresh Rhonda Cole
Joan Bardach Etta Doris
Alice Baum Laura Epstein
Jan Bloom Barbara Etkind
Sybil Cantor Susan Friedman
Joan Forest Marjorie Furhmann
Linda Hofberg Heather Greenspan
Linda Horowitz Bobbye Hertzbach
Carol Juran Denise Kahn
Lynne Kirshon Toby Kullback
Sandy Lebowitz Sue Rudo
Sandy Margulies Cynthia Silverstein
Janet Myers Libby Waldman Strugatch
Sheila Shrier Livia Weinstein
Marilyn Silverman Marilyn Wilder


Committee Chairs 2016-2017
Birthday Greetings – Roz Auerbach
The Blast – Marilyn Wilder
Book and Author – Beth Smith, Bobbye Hertzbach, Linda Epstein
Board Orientation – Joan Bardach
Bulletin – Beth Smith
Communications – Stephanie Katz
Community Services – Linda Hofberg, Suzanne Giacalone, Barbara Rose
Directory – Francie Mendelsohn
Game Day – Sybil Cantor, Shelby Herman
General Membership Meeting – Marcia Akresh, Susan Leshner
Historian – Sandy Feinstein
Illustrator – Margot Raphael, Janet Batlan
Jewelry Exchange – Margie Lappen, Olivia Sheinkopf, MaryEllen Stein
Ladies Night Out – Judy Blickstein
Leadership – Joni Sommer
Let’s Do Lunch – Judy Gross, Elaine Rosenblatt, Harriet Vinner
Lunch and Learn – Alice Baum, Sue Rudo, Florence Polinsky
Mah Jongg Cards – Marsha Raff
Mentoring – Sandy Margulies, Myrna Shenkler
Publicity – Nina Koenick
Social Justice – Barbara Etkind
Spring Luncheon – Livia Weinstein, Joan Forest, Janet Muenz, Elaine Gillespie
Sunshine – Lois Forster
Sustaining the Mind – Heather Greenspan
Telephone Committee – Sandy Greenfield
Venue Coordinator – Linda Raden
Website/Blog – Shelley Morrison

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