April 19, 2018

About Us 2017-18

Greetings from your Co-Presidents.

We are looking forward to another very successful year. Although we don’t have a Board Meeting until September, our Committee Members and their committees are keeping busy. The fabulous Study Guide will be at the printer soon. Look for it by the third week in July. The Book and Author Luncheon Committee have found some wonderful authors, Spring Luncheon Co-Chairs have been diligently running around town to find a venue and the Special Events Committee is planning some very “special events”.
We look forward to seeing you at our New Member Coffee on August 24th. If you have the names of prospective members, please send them to Judy Blickstein and Lorraine Rose.
Have a safe and happy summer.
Tina and Elaine

Co-Presidents: Tina Levine, Elaine Moss
Administrative VP: Margie Lappen
Book Fund VP: Linda Horowitz
Membership VPs: Judy Blickstein, Lorraine Rose
Special Events VPs: Marlene Goldschmidt, Gail Rubinson, Joni Sommer
Study Guide VPs: Margot Raphael, Libby Waldman Strugatch
Accounts Payable Treasurer: Ellen Glazer
Accounts Receivable Treasurer: Cecily Slater
Administrative Secretary: Shelby Herman
Corresponding Secretary: Sandy Pincus-Rush
Membership Secretary: Sandy Levinson
Recording Secretary: MaryEllen Stein
Registrar: Roz Auerbach
Parliamentarians: Roberta Feigen, Harriet Sturm
Nominating Committee Chair: Honey Edell
Nominating Committee: Barbara Fayne, Sybil Cantor, Beth Ingber, Janet Batlan, Suzanne Giacalone, Beth Smith
Alternates: Sheila Schrier, Sandy Shapiro


DIRECTORS 2017-2019 DIRECTORS 2017-2018
Linda Cohen Rhonda Cole
Sandy Crausman Etta Doris
Joan DiCostanzo Laura Epstein
Linda Epstein Barbara Etkind
Ann Friedman Susan Friedman
Cathy Friedman Marjorie Furhmann
Vivian Golden Heather Greenspan
Sandy Greenfield Bobbye Hertzbach
Carolyn Gross Denise Kahn
Michele Miller Toby Kullback
Debra Nysenbaum Susan Leshner
Linda Raden Joyce Riseberg
Sue Seligson Sue Rudo
Myrna Shenkler Cynthia Silverstein
Joy Shuman Livia Weinstein
Nancy Silver Marilyn Wilder


Birthday Greetings – Roz Auerbach
The Blast – Marilyn Wilder
Book and Author – Joan Bardach, Bobbye Hertzbach, Joy Shuman
Board Orientation/Leadership – Cathy Friedman
Bulletin Editor – Beth Smith
Communications – Stephanie Katz
Community Service – Suzanne Giacalone, Linda Hofberg, Barbara Rose
Directory – Francie Mendelsohn
Game Day – Lois Forster, Margie Lappen
General Membership Meetings – Rhonda Cole, Susan Friedman, Nina Koenick
Historian – Sandy Feinstein, Linda Grabel
Illustrators – Janet Batlan, Margot Raphael
Jewelry Exchange – Margie Lappen, Olivia Sheinkopf, MaryEllen Stein
Ladies Night Out – Judy Blickstein
Let’s Do Lunch – Shelly Goldin, Harriet Krakow,
Lunch and Learn – Debra Nysenbaum, Sandy Pincus-Rush
Mah Jongg Cards – Marsha Raff
Mentoring – Suzanne Giacalone, Myrna Shenkler
Social Justice – Barbara Etkind, Linda Raden – volunteer field trips
Spring Luncheon – Marsha Bokman, Linda Cohen, Marcia Hahn
Sunshine – Lois Forster
Sustaining the Mind – Etta Doris, Heather Greenspan
Venue Coordinator – Linda Raden
Website Blog – Shelley Morrison
Coordinator Chair for Study Guide – Honey Edell



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