April 1, 2023

About Us 2022-2023

Who are we, you might ask? BNC is a fund-raising arm for Brandeis University. It was started back in 1948 when a small group of women in the Waltham area decided to collect books for this fledgling university. Their efforts soon produced 10,000 books and BNC was born. There are currently around 37 chapters across the country, all working for the advancement of Brandeis University.

How is this accomplished? With a lot of hard work and dedication and a very involved membership. We offer up all sorts of activities and events for our diverse membership and your participation in these events help us raise the funds to support innovative scientific projects, scholarship funds, book funds and so much more. Did I mention that while we are busy working on all of our activities, we are also having a lot of fun making wonderful friends and learning about the world we live in?

As this new year begins, we welcome all of our members, new and returning, to join us at our Board Meetings which take place the first Wednesday of the month, or at an up- and- coming event. Try it, you’ll like us, we just know you will.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: bncbeth2021@gmail.com.

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