January 21, 2019

Events of Past Years

Our Study Guide includes many activities to uplift our members who participate. We have book clubs, Brandeis Learning Programs, guest speakers, discussion groups, arts and crafts activities, trips to museums and historical house tours in and around the D.C. area.

Here are  programs that are scheduled for this fall. Click here!
We hope you will join us!

Here is a list of Greater Washington events for the whole Chapter:

Book & Author Luncheon – October 21
Beauty Day at Nordstrom  – October 27
General Membership Meeting – November 4
Train Your Brain/Game Day – January 21
Bette Aschkenasy Lunch & Learn – March 15
General Membership Meeting – March 2
Spring Lunch Installation – May 11
Also join members at Let’s Do Lunch
and Ladies Night Out!


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