January 16, 2022

Book & Author Luncheon – 2016

On Thursday, October 27, 2016, over 265 people converged at the Gaithersburg Hilton for our annual Book and Author Luncheon. This year’s event co-chaired by Linda Epstein, Bobbye Hertzbach and Beth Smith and assisted by a phenomenal committee was quite a success. The authors, our main event, were wonderful. Michelle Bronfman talked about her new book, “Bertrand Court” where she interweaves the stories of its residents with that of an inherited silver spoon. Interesting how it all comes together. Beyhan Cagri Trock regaled us with tales of her “mixed” parentage and the recipes brought by them to this country. Charles Belfoure explained how his architecture background helped to craft his books, one to become a movie, another a TV series. Stan Levin, as always, was the moderator.

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