July 20, 2017

About BNC Hartford

Welcome to the Brandeis National Committee Hartford chapter! This chapter aims to provide its members with top-quality social engagements and learning opportunities in the Hartford area. Our members are men and women who proudly support Brandeis University and the values its stands for; academic excellence and a love for learning, social justice, and community service. These values are reflected in the activities and learning opportunities we provide for our members. Though some of our members are Brandeis alumni or family members of alumni, the majority are neither. There is no requirement of Brandeis affiliation to become a BNC member, only the love for learning and the desire to make it available to others.

Learning opportunities comes in the form of study groups, guest speakers, and special one-time events. These span a variety of topics to ensure everyone can participate. Study groups are a wonderful way to stay active, socialize with friends, meet new people, and learn something new, all with the knowledge that you’re supporting a laudable institution. Periodic fundraisers and proceeds from certain events also go towards the university, all of which is put towards the libraries, scholarships, and sciences.

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