June 4, 2023

Study Groups

Study groups, also known as Learning Opportunities, play a pivotal role in BNC Hartford from both a fundraising and philosophical standpoint. BNC Hartford members enjoy learning simply for the sake of learning and expanding their world and mind. Study groups, guest speakers, book and author luncheons and other opportunities BNC Hartford offers are designed to encourage this mentality. These events bring people together while entertaining, informing, and promoting discussion and fun. We make an effort to ensure all our members are exposed to topics of personal interest by offering study groups and events across a variety of topics. In past years these have included literature, Judaism, film, world affairs, fine art, and music. Study groups and events also help raise money for Brandeis University’s libraries, scholarships, and scientific research.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to the board of officers. We can’t wait to kick off this year’s activities with our members!


Check out last year’s list of activities below.

Spring 2017 Activities & Study Groups
Fall 2015 Activities & Study Groups


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