May 30, 2017

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Brandeis National Committee Welcomes Baby Boomers!

Baby Boomers are the largest group in our country, numbering 78 million people born just after WWII. The majority of Boomers are in their mid to late 50s and early 60s, with several years of activity and excitement ahead!

Many in the boomer group are retiring or relocating to new areas of the country, taking them beyond the familiarity of their jobs, family, and friends. In Florida, we recognize one of the major shifts to moving is the heat! As families and couples undergo lifestyle changes, BNC offers outlets of exploration, education and recreation. Forging new relationships becomes a key interest. By joining the BNC and its network of 25,000 members, Boomers can participate in learning adventures that provide countless opportunities to meet interesting people. The Florida chapters, are one such that have launched boomer groups, offering special programs and study groups for continuing education.  We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the sunshine state!

Benefits of Membership

  • Art exhibitions and gallery visits
  • Brandeis film studies and screenings
  • Outdoor adventures – hiking, walking, biking
  • Evening book groups, study groups, Brandeis authored material
  • Cultural trips
  • Discussion groups on contemporary issues
  • University on Wheels programs, where Brandeis faculty visit chapters

Part of the pleasure of being a BNC member is the pride of affiliation with Brandeis University. Brandeis stands firmly on ground that few other universities can claim- the only non-sectarian university founded by the American Jewish community and one dedicated to promoting social justice nationally and globally. As a small liberal arts and research university, Brandeis has made enormous advances in pioneering medical and scientific research.

To become a member, visit BNC’s webpage.


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