September 30, 2023

Letter From the President

Dear Members, 

What gives significance to our lives depicts our characters.  You have all chosen to make Brandeis a meaningful part of your lives.  Sustaining the mind, scholarship, and the library are the institution’s most important goals, and you and I are an important part of the University’s noble endeavors to achieve these significance goals.  The board has created an ambitious, entertaining, and educational program for this year to add ignorance to all our lives, but also to sustain Brandeis’s programs. 

Our chapter’s fundraising events will benefit the University’s Sustaining the Mind research project. The other scheduled events are as varied as visiting a turtle and manatee center, visiting a theater, going on an art tour, and playing croquet, which will be socially and educationally entertaining.  The book reviewers will enhance our minds with their critical observations of the books we will discuss, and the authors will detail how and why they wrote their novels. 

Browse through the bulletin and note the interesting activities the board has planned to benefit both you and the University.  All of them will add significance to your lives.   

I look forward to seeing you at the Showcase and enjoying a wonderful year with you.  


Sandy Didner


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