August 22, 2017

Letter From the President

Hello Members,

Last week I attended a Brandeis regional meeting and heard a letter written by a graduate of the University who attended with the aid of a scholarship provided by the B.N.C.  She not only received an excellent education, but also has been imbued with Brandeis’s altruistic commitment to social justice.  Although she was hired by a top tier company in her field, her employer is granting her a year’s leave to work in the Peace Corps since she wants to give back to the world what the world has given her.

As I listened to the other presidents’ commitment to Brandeis, I realized how amazing and unique our function is.  No university can contribute to social, academic, and scientific progress without outstanding students, many of whom cannot afford the fees a first- class private institution charges. It needs to attract world class professors to teach these brilliant students.  Then it needs a library which affords its students and staff the latest information in every type of media. Above all, Brandeis’ research in Sustaining the Mind has a two- fold purpose. On the surface, the research is geared towards finding cures for neurological diseases, however, the University must also sustain and enrich the minds of its students to enable them to succeed in an academic and professional manner.  Most importantly, unlike many institutions, Brandeis has a unique commitment to teach its students to engage in “Tikun Olam” which roughly translates into English as “heal the world.”

Our members aid Brandeis in funding students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend its university.  We also provide means for researchers to investigate cures for diseases which afflict so many people.  With your help, we can help the university achieve all its goals.

Sandy Didner

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