August 17, 2022

Event: University on Wheels 2018 – January 5th

Join BNC Phoenix on January 5th for the much anticipated University on Wheels event! Once again, Brandeis professors are back to give us a taste of a Brandeis education. This year’s speakers are Professor Eileen McNamara and Assistant Professor Maura Jane Farrelly, both from the American Studies Department.

The presentation, From Election to Investigation and All the “Fake News” in Between: Media Coverage of this Presidency, will be a non-partisan examination of the role media plays in modern politics. With expertise and extensive experience as both lecturers and journalists Professor McNamara and Asst. Professor Farrelly promise an outstanding program.

Professor Eileen McNamara is a journalist and former Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe columnist, in addition to chairing the Brandeis University Journalism Program and teaching in the American Studies department. Her  reporting career has focused on a range of social issues earning her awards from the American Society of Newspaper Editors, the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, and the highest individual honor from the Academy of New England Journalists, among others. She also contributed to the Boston Globe’s coverage of the clergy sexual abuse scandal by pointing the Spotlight Team in the direction of stories she’d previously covered. She is played by Maureen Keiller in the 2015 film.

Asst. Professor Maura Jane Farrelly is a journalist, director of the Brandeis University Journalism Program and teaches in the American Studies department. She has previously worked with Georgia Public Radio, Voice of America in Washington, D.C., and New York, Public Radio International, and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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