July 23, 2017

Study Groups

Learn, Enjoy, Participate

Welcome to BNC Study Groups!

BNC offers members the opportunity to make new connections and form new friendships through participation in this unique program, originally created through our connection to Brandeis University.

Study Group topics span a wide variety of areas.  We offer groups to please the intellectuals, the artists, the music and film lovers, the gamers, the epicureans and the adventurers, among others.  These groups provide social opportunities combined with learning and are FUN.  Joining is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.  SEE THE GUIDE:  For a complete listing and description of current offerings, click on the 2013-2014 Study Guide link BELOW LEFT.

2.  REGISTER:  Once you have decided what groups to choose, click the link in the MIDDLE for the Registration Form.  Check off the groups you want and mail it in with your check.  All the information you need is right on the form.

3. MEMBERSHIP:  Our Study Groups are for the benefit of our members.  If you are a new or renewing member, fill out the Membership form available by clicking the link BELOW RIGHT.  Please Note:  Membership Dues go to the address on the Membership Form only.  They cannot be combined with your Registration form.

Thank you for your interest – come join us!

2014 Study Group PDF
Membership Form
Registration Form

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