October 7, 2022

2018-2019 Board of Officers

Welcome to a new year and a new board! We are so excited to introduce our board of officers. We are here to answer any questions so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


President Linda Simon 487-8041 brandeislinda@gmail.com
Treasurer Trudy Holleb 487-6585 truvien@san.rr.com
Corresponding Secretary Leslie Goldstein 760-317-1819 lesliegoldstein9@aol.com
Recording Secretary Dina Martinez 487-2296 gmartine@san.rr.com
Financial Secretary Patti Spence 487-2202 rbpatti@san.rr.com
Membership VP Bobby Sue Schreibman 673-9470 ashur44@san.rr.com
Programming VP Lynne Charap 487-3513 harvnlyn@san.rr.com
Study Group VP Dee Hiller 292-7623 dhiller@san.rr.com


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