June 23, 2017


The Rancho Bernardo Chapter of the Brandeis National Committee has almost 100 members in the greater Rancho Bernardo/California area, and is a very active group. We have many events and activities that raise money for Brandeis University and give our members an opportunity to continue lifelong learning and become active participants in the many Rancho Bernardo cultural activities.

We support the Brandeis University libraries through our Book Fund by providing funds for growth and scholarships. Brandeis National Committee’s new campaign is “Sustaining the Mind: Scientific Research and Scholarships,” so we are now supporting scientific research and scholarships for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s and autism.

At each meeting, our members bring items for the Interfaith Community Service’s Food Bank. This act of social justice keeps us connected to the legacy of Louis Brandeis, of whom Brandeis University is named after.

Members have access to email and can expect printed bulletins that are sent monthly with information about new and past activities. We look forward to new members joining our group, getting involved and sustaining their mind through our rich and meaningful programs.

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