October 2, 2022

Kitty Bruce: How to share your father’s work and influence scholars

On Oct. 27 and 28, Brandeis will display newly acquired papers, photographs and other materials belonging to Lenny Bruce, the late comedian. The collection will open with the symposium “Comedy and the Constitution: The Legacy of Lenny Bruce,” and will feature a conversation with Kitty Bruce, his daughter. Kitty was just 11 when her famous father – comedian, satirist and cultural critic Lenny Bruce – died of a drug overdose at age 40 in 1966. While many popular comedians who preceded him stuck with bland fare designed not to offend, Bruce was a leader in a new vanguard of comedians who pushed the envelope with sometimes profane routines that skewered the hypocritical elements of society. He was repeatedly arrested for obscenity and was convicted in New York City; his death came shortly before his appeal was set to begin. For years, Kitty Bruce protected her father’s papers, photographs and other materials in her own home. Two years ago, a generous gift from the Hugh M. Hefner Foundation made it possible for Brandeis to acquire and preserve the papers. Lenny Bruce’s papers will be available to the public, as Brandeis hosts a two-day conference about his significance.

The Eve Party

The Eve Party has been a tradition for our chapter for many years, so if you’re looking for something to do on Christmas Eve, please join us! It’s always wonderful.

Have dinner with us at The Athens Market Cafe, at 11640 Carmel Mountain Road, on December 24th from 5:00 pm.

The cost per person is $20, and we ask you to select an Entree from the following options:

Baked Chicken, Salmon, Pastitso, Steak Burger and Warm Chicken Salad. All entrees are served with Lentil Soup or Salad, Green Beans, Rice and Pita Bread. Rice pudding for dessert is included.

For more information on Menu options and reservations, contact Bobby Sue.

Please remember to make reservations no later than December 20th! Hope to see you all there!

Friedberg Announced as BNC National President

Madalyn Friedberg, from the Central Westchester chapter, who has served as national vice president of fundraising for the past year, succeeded Barbara Sander as the Brandeis National Committee’s national president on July 1. Madalyn joined the BNC in 1973, and will serve as a leader for the organization and its 41 chapters.

Friedberg joined the BNC at the urging of a friend. A mother of three young children, she was seeking a group of like-minded lifelong learners. She knew about Brandeis University because her father, David Felix, had been friendly with Lawrence Wien, the founder of Brandeis’ Wien International Scholarship Program.

“I liked the BNC women right away,” Friedberg says. “I remember the women didn’t ask what my husband did for a living or how many children I had. They cared about who I was.”

As treasurer of the Central Westchester chapter for many years, she knows the financial advantages of establishing a charitable gift annuity for those interested in supporting the university. In 2015, Friedberg and her husband, Stephen, established a generous charitable gift annuity, planning to create another one this year.

“The premise on which the university was founded is very important to us,” Madalyn says. “Brandeis opened a whole world to people who needed an education. We want to do what we can to support Brandeis.”


Meet Arthur and Leslie Pearlstein

Including a bequest or charitable gift annuity in your estate plan is an easy and rewarding way to support Brandeis University and its students. You can receive guaranteed, fixed income payments for life. Rates are locked in at the time you donate. To learn more, please contact M’Lissa Brennan at 781-736-4178 or email at mlissa@brandeis.edu.

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Meet Sophia Glickman

Brandeis students like Sophia Glickman ’16 give us hope. A BNC Scholar from Valhalla, New York, Sophia is a double major in biology and environmental studies. She worked as an undergraduate researcher in K.C. Hayes’ laboratory, researching the effects of various diets on the development of diabetes in rats. She chose Brandeis because of its friendly atmosphere and the opportunities it offers students to find their own path. Read her thank you letter (http://bit.ly/1pH9GB9) where she thanks BNC members, like YOU, for making her Brandeis experience possible. Thank you for supporting the BNC Scholarship Campaign. https://giving.brandeis.edu/bncscholarship. Read more stories like Sophia’s here.


Visit Brandeis

Now’s your chance — as an active member of BNC or perhaps even contemplating being more involved, join an exciting program May 2 – May 4th at Brandeis University geared to Chapter Leaders. Feel connected to Brandeis and see first hand how special the campus is and why your support is so vital. A few more spots are open. RSVP by April 5th, 2016. Contact the National Center at 781-736-4171.

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