October 2, 2022

Brandeis Moment

Did you have a Brandeis Moment today? At BNC’s recent October 2015 NEC meeting, excitement over Tony Goldwyn, ’82 of ABC’s Scandal and Adam Cheyer, ’88 iPhone Siri developer caught the attention of both leaders and members. Find out more moments here.

University on Wheels

Join us on Wednesday, January 6 with an exciting University on Wheels (UOW) program with Brandeis Associate Professor of Fine Arts Nancy J. Scott. Title of the lecture “The Emergence of Public Art: From Coast to Coast.”

Location: Morgan Run Resort, Rancho Santa Fe

Time: 11 a.m. (ends at 3)

Summer Bulletin

Our new summer bulletin is available! Please share with your friends, family and community members. Find out why BNC offers one of the best chapters in the West!

Summer Luncheon

Join us at Bernardo Heights Country Club to kick in the new year. Presenting two exciting speakers!

Myron Uhlberg graduated from Brandeis in 1955. He was personally acquainted with Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Leonard Bernstein & will speak on these friendships. Uhlberg is also author of the award winning book “Hand of My Father”, a story about his being raised in the 1940’s, in Brooklyn, NY by two deaf parents. His book recounts the time when he finds himself in charge of his epileptic brothers because his parents could not hear the seizures.

Paul Vancea came to this country six years ago from Romania. He will graduate from Brandeis in 2014 and is our chapter’s Student Ambassador. Vancea is a straight A student who has won many awards and scholarships in film. He is involved with Brandeis television which is an enrichment program for younger students. Recently, he had begun working on a documentary about Eli Segal, after whom the Segal Citizen Program is names, which will fund his summer internship. Read more about Paul Vancea here.

Book & Author

Our Book & Author Luncheon is coming up on March 12th, 2013. Don’t delay if you haven’t yet purchased your ticket.

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Location: Country Club of Rancho Bernardo


Margaret Dilloway, “How To Be An American Housewife”
Hannah Cohen, “Women Trailblazers of California”
Erica Miner, “Murder In The Pit”

Send your $50.00 check made out to BNC to:
Trudy Holleb P.O. Box 270158
San Diego, C.A. 92198


Installation Luncheon


Save the Date! Our installation Luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14th.

Location: Country Club of Rancho Bernardo with Silent Auction!

We need your help for the Silent Auction – – please ask your favorite restaurant, beauty shop or business if they are willing to donate to our event. It is tax deductible. The money raised will go to the “Sustaining the Mind” research and scholarship program. Please contact Pauline at greenp2@att.net or at (619) 993/4656.

Please make your check out to BNC: Menu – Please show your preference
__ Strawberry, Chicken & Spinach Salad,with baby spinach, candied walnuts, feta cheese, strawberries with grilled chicken
__ Chicken Crepes, large crepes filled with chicken & mushrooms
__ Eggplant Parmesan, breaded eggplant over spinach fettuccine
__ Peach Cobbler, with vanilla ice cream
__ Fresh Fruit

Inside The Jewish Bakery

Inside The Jewish Bakery

With Stanley Ginsberg

Hear first hand “an edible history” of the sites and aromas of the Jewish bakery and the Eastern European Jewish culture in which they evolved.

February 12th • 1:30 p.m.

(please note change of time)

Ed Brown Senior Center at Rancho Bernardo

18402 West Bernardo Drive, SD, CA 92127

(858) 487-9324


(Located next to RB Community Center)


Refreshments will be from Mr. Ginsberg’s recipe book

$12.00 per person

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