December 3, 2022

Meet Arthur and Leslie Pearlstein

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Meet Dee Hiller

Dee grew up in London, England where she met her husband, Harvey, when he was serving in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. They married in 1969 and made San Diego their home. During the past year Dee retired from her position as Senior Buyer at Qualcomm and was persuaded by long time friend Renee Rosenthal, to attend a Brandeis Membership Lunch. Although she had no intention of joining and was not pressured to do so, she was so impressed by the genuine friendliness of the members and the quality of the programs that she not only joined, but also signed up for several of the Study Groups. Dee is enjoying finally having time to do lots of reading, mess around in the garden, work on crossword/
Sudoku, knit squares for donated blankets, get together with friends, stay out of rush hour traffic and generally waste time.

Bobby Sue Schreibman

What can we say about Bobby Sue…enthusiastic, loyal, friendly, focused, generous, and conscientious. All of these adjectives could describe her.

Bobby Sue is our Membership Chairperson extraordinaire. No one can escape this person who is always on the lookout for new BNC members wherever she goes. She has found new members in the grocery store, beauty shop, restaurant, nail salon and post office. She’s on the job 24/7. Bobby Sue has been Membership Chairperson since 2006, and study group leader for Discovering San Diego for several years. She also heads our telephone committee. As a member of the BNC, she says, she loves attending the many events and study groups that are planned each year.

On a personal note, Bobby Sue was born in Toledo, Ohio, and grew up in Celina, Ohio, on beautiful Grand Lake – St. Marys. She married Dan 56 years ago last month, and together they ran a clothing store for men and women. They have two children, Shelly, Mike and daughter-in-law Sue. They are also the proud grandparents of Jonna and Jack. In 1988 they moved to Rancho Bernardo. For a short time Bobby Sue worked for the Broadway Department Stores, and then she found Brandeis. She says that through Brandeis, she has met many of her closest friends. She is also a member of City of Hope and Lady Lions. She enjoys theatre, music (especially jazz), and socializing. She has earned the title of Sushi Maven of Rancho Bernardo. When she goes to RB Sushi, she doesn’t even have to order, they know what she wants.

Bobby Sue is a valued member of our organization. We look forward to her friendship and presence in our organization for many more years.

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