May 24, 2018

Meet Barbara Schwartz!

We recently added a new feature in our bulletins, called Meet a Member. We hope that it encourages you to reach out to someone you may not know that well. This time, we interviewed Barbara Schwartz, who joined the BNC when she met Judy Marks through Newcomers. She likes the “haimsche” feeling she finds, and the genuinely kind and accepting women who are our members. Currently serving as our Financial Secretary, she enjoys Contemporary Literature and the intellectual discussions we encourage.

About Barbara

Barbara was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the Fairfax area with many classmates whose parents were holocaust survivors. She attended UC Berkley during the “wild years of protesting and flower children, etc.,” majoring in English and planning to become a teacher. She got her teaching credentials at USC. As there weren’t jobs available at that time she was a travel agent for 10 years. She enjoyed the “perks” and traveled to Europe and Russia among other places. She met her husband David through a friend of his on a blind date.

The Schwartz’s had two children, Stacey, a social worker, now studying to be a registered dietician and Cory an attorney for HUD in Washington, D.C. Barbara and David were married for 32 years
when he died 6 years ago from kidney failure connected to diabetes. Barbara moved to San Diego to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren Dalia, 5 and Oren 3. Her newest grandson, Elias lives in Washington with his parents.

Barbara worked as a pre-school teacher at the JCC of the Bay Cities, but when they moved to the San Fernando Valley she became a substitute teacher. Not enjoying that, she enrolled in adult school to learn computer and office skills and subsequently worked for 18 years as a secretary to the Rabbi at Temple Aliyah in Woodland Hills. A lifelong swimmer, Barbara continues enjoying swimming to this day, and her e-mail address reflects this— bannswimmer.

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