June 7, 2020

2019-2020 Board of Officers

Our Board of Officers would like to welcome you to a new BNC year! We are so excited kick off this year of events together. We are here to answer any questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

President Linda Epstein  760-436-4467 linda228@mac.com
Vice President Elaine Eisenberg  858-623-0065 eisenem2@aol.com
Treasurer Arthur Birnbaum  858-454-9996 abirnbaum15@gmail.com
Recording Secretary Duxie Smukler  858-481-9663 dsmukler@san.rr.com
Corresponding Secretary Bea Sklarewitz 760-434-2465 aquariusbea@roadrunner.com
Financial Secretary Myrna Gale  818-416-2666 galemyrna@yahoo.com
Study & Social Groups  Iris Kanter  847-912-8739 irisnk@comcast.net
Study Groups Registrar Barbara Howard  760-747-0303 barbarahoward@gmail.com
Membership Becky Thein 760-580-6034 rebeccathein2@gmail.com
Special Events Phyllis Perkal 858-487-1422 phyllisperkal@san.rr.com

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