July 13, 2020

Art and Architecture

cafeJoin BNC Sarasota on March 8-  The Art and Architecture of Vienna, lecturer, Jean Renoux, Cafe Baci, 11:00AM-2:00PM.

Jean Joseph Renoux has organized tours to explore the art and architecture of countries worldwide for over thirty years. These tours encompass far more than the usual tourist attractions. You learn about the history, art, music, food and culture of the places we visit.

With his numerous past trips to France, Italy, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Mali, Morocco and Tunisia, he has discovered all of the fascinating out-of-the way places that are off the beaten tourist path. He has also developed relationships with the best local travel guides in order to offer you the optimal experience touring the destination of your choice.

Jean has also taught continuing education classes to more than 9,500 architects and designers since 1996. His courses are accepted by the ASID (American Society of Interior Designers); AIA/CES (American Institute of Architects/Continuing Education Systems); and all the state boards of architecture and interior designers, nationwide.

Besides his tours and seminars, Jean frequently lectures on European History, Art and Architecture. He has spoken at the Corcoran Museum of Art in Washington D.C.; the High Museum in Atlanta; the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as at many universities in Design, San Diego University, Savannah College of Art & Design, Florida International University and the University of North Carolina – Asheville.

Jean also works as a consultant to interior designers and architects helping to integrate innovative “green” designs into their building plans.

Personal History

Jean was born in France, but spent most of his childhood in Tunisia where his physician father was the director of the Pasteur Institute. The family returned to France a few years after Tunisia gained its independence from France. There, as a young man, he had the unique opportunity to work as personal assistant to Louis Malle, the famed movie director of Au Revoir les Enfants, My Dinner with Andre, Pretty Baby and many other award-winning films. After his move to the U.S., Jean worked as production designer on films shot in Florida and Mexico; and also produced and directed “The Human Voice” by Jean Cocteau at La Mama New York City, one the World’s most important avant-garde theater. Prior to moving to Sarasota, Florida, 34 years ago, Jean had also lived in London, Geneva, Washington D.C. and New York City. (Extracted from Jean’s Website)

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