July 12, 2020

University of Wheels Returns to BNC Once Again!

Attend this always interesting event when have brunch, and listen to guest speaker Professor Paula Jo Musegades from Brandeis University. A Florence Levy Kay Fellow in Music and American Culture, she is a musicologist with a special interest in Hollywood film music. You can also take the opportunity to “meet and greet” Dr. Musegades the night before the University on Wheels, at the Patron Party.  Don’t miss these exciting events!


Friedberg Announced as BNC National President

Madalyn Friedberg, from the Central Westchester chapter, who has served as national vice president of fundraising for the past year, succeeded Barbara Sander as the Brandeis National Committee’s national president on July 1. Madalyn joined the BNC in 1973, and will serve as a leader for the organization and its 41 chapters.

Friedberg joined the BNC at the urging of a friend. A mother of three young children, she was seeking a group of like-minded lifelong learners. She knew about Brandeis University because her father, David Felix, had been friendly with Lawrence Wien, the founder of Brandeis’ Wien International Scholarship Program.

“I liked the BNC women right away,” Friedberg says. “I remember the women didn’t ask what my husband did for a living or how many children I had. They cared about who I was.”

As treasurer of the Central Westchester chapter for many years, she knows the financial advantages of establishing a charitable gift annuity for those interested in supporting the university. In 2015, Friedberg and her husband, Stephen, established a generous charitable gift annuity, planning to create another one this year.

“The premise on which the university was founded is very important to us,” Madalyn says. “Brandeis opened a whole world to people who needed an education. We want to do what we can to support Brandeis.”


Reel Discussion: The Innocents

Come join the ladies of BNC Sarasota at the Roskamp Center on 2nd August at 1:30 pm!

No reservations needed! All are welcome!

We welcome your comments and opinions.

For further inquiries, contact Lenore Weintraub: lenoreweintraub@gmail.com

In Honor of Barbara Sander’s Presidency

On July 1st, Barbara Sander completed her three year term as National BNC President. Over the course of her presidency, she worked tirelessly to improve relations between 250,000 BNC members all over the United States, established a wildly successful leadership-development program and brought over 40 chapters closer to the National Board. Her energy and optimism are an inspiration to all of us, and brace her in her fight against a rare form of blood cancer.

We owe so much to her for her leadership, and her efforts to ensure that the philanthropic support of Brandeis grows. She is a role model to all of us in both word and deed. As one of the generous donors to the BNC’s Scholarship Campaign, she says “I can’t very well ask people to make significant gifts if I don’t do it myself”. While dedicating herself to her work, she continues to battle multiple myeloma which has no long term cure. However, she is adamant about remaining active and busy, and will remain on the Brandeis Board of Trustees. Determined to continue contributing her experience and wisdom to BNC, she says  “This cancer won’t kill me, so, as long as I have the energy, there’s absolutely no excuse for my not doing my best for the BNC.”

Read more about her art of motivation here: http://www.brandeis.edu/magazine/2016/summer/imprint.html

We extend our appreciation to the following people for contributing to the BNC Scholarship Campaign in honor of Barb Sander’s Presidency:

Ellen Klein

Esther Rose

Janet Tolbert

Ann Friedman

Ronnie Riceberg

Pauline Leopold

Diane and Phil Rosenblum

Fran and Mike Spring

Sara Benesch

Helen Spindler

Sunny Brownrout

Barbara, Cliff and Andrew Bart

Jill Simons

Joyce Sandler

Elaine Nutlay

Marilyn and Paul Blankman

Joe Sander

Madalyn Friedberg, from the Central Westchester chapter, who has served as national vice president of fundraising for the past year, succeeded Barbara Sander as the Brandeis National Committee’s national president on July 1. Madalyn joined the BNC in 1973, and will serve as a leader for the organization and its 41 chapters.



Come to BNC’s Year-End Celebration!

Join us at a beautiful venue for a delicious lunch and wonderful entertainment after we install our new Officers for next year!

Reservation deadline is April 11th!

Installation luncheon Mar 12 2016 v6


Meet Sophia Glickman

Brandeis students like Sophia Glickman ’16 give us hope. A BNC Scholar from Valhalla, New York, Sophia is a double major in biology and environmental studies. She worked as an undergraduate researcher in K.C. Hayes’ laboratory, researching the effects of various diets on the development of diabetes in rats. She chose Brandeis because of its friendly atmosphere and the opportunities it offers students to find their own path. Read her thank you letter (http://bit.ly/1pH9GB9) where she thanks BNC members, like YOU, for making her Brandeis experience possible. Thank you for supporting the BNC Scholarship Campaign. https://giving.brandeis.edu/bncscholarship. Read more stories like Sophia’s here.


Visit Brandeis

Now’s your chance — as an active member of BNC or perhaps even contemplating being more involved, join an exciting program May 2 – May 4th at Brandeis University geared to Chapter Leaders. Feel connected to Brandeis and see first hand how special the campus is and why your support is so vital. A few more spots are open. RSVP by April 5th, 2016. Contact the National Center at 781-736-4171.

The Legacy of the Rockefellers and their Estate

“I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty.” – John D. Rockefeller

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to hear Dr. Richard Lerer share his extensive and fascinating knowledge of these giants of Business, Politics, Culture and Philanthropy.

For more information and registration, please contact Lenore Weintraub (lenoreweintraub@gmail.com)!

The Art and Architecture of Vienna and Gustav Klimt

Jean Renoux, designer, film maker, lecturer brings us a tour of this famous city with a special emphasis on the Secessionist Movement presided over by Gustav Klimt. Join our chapter on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 11:00 am at the Cafe Baci, and experience an armchair adventure of this wondrous city.

For more information and registration for this event, please contact Janet Tolbert or Evie Batten.

BNC’s General Meeting

Join us for BNC’s General Meeting on Friday, 4th March 2016 at 10:00 am, at the Sarasota Manatee Jewish Federation 580 McIntosh Road, Sarasota. Bring your friends and neighbors and hear Dr. Keith Fitzgerald talk about American Politics & Election 2016!

Dr. Keith Fitzgerald is an associate Professor of Political Science at New College of Florida. He specializes in American politics and public policy with a focus on political institutions such as Congress and the presidency. His teaching and research examine how institutions and ideas shape peoples’ collective lives. He is the author of Face of the Nation: Immigration, the State, and the National Identity.

Light refreshments will be served!

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