July 13, 2020

Brandeis Tribute Cards

Honor achievements

Express appreciation

Thank your host or hostess

Celebrate birthdays

Recognize simchas and occasions

Memorialize loved ones and friends

Cards are available in $5, $10 and $18 denominations. Learned Research Journals (LRJ’s) are purchased with donations of $37, $55 (Medical Folio) or $100 (Special Book Collection-Judaica). LRJ’s are scholarly publications in all academic fields and are indispensable resources to the academic community at Brandeis University.  LRJ tributes represent gifts toward annual subscriptions to the journals. Tribute Card Samples

BRANDEIS DEPOSIT ACCOUNT PROGRAM is a convenient way to send BNC tribute cards — advance payment against which members may draw for future giving.  Your donation will be credited to your choice of either Book Fund or Sustaining the Mind.  Bookkeeping requires separate checks if donating to both funds.  Call Diane Rosenblum (941-315-8262) to make arrangements today or send an email with your questions/request to dianebrandeis@gmail.com. Please put TRIBUTE CARDS in the subject line.

Tribute Card Request Form

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