July 13, 2020

Brandeis News: Brandeis Receives $50 Million Gift

On Tuesday, June 27th 2017, Brandeis University announced it had received a $50 million bequest from the estate of Rosaline and Marcia Cohn. This gift is significant for several reasons. Since its founding in 1948, this is the first time Brandeis has received a gift of this size in a single donation. As per the wishes of the Cohn family, the money will go towards scholarships for deserving and outstanding students through the Jacob and Rosaline Cohn Endowed Scholarship Fund. This generous gift will allow hundreds of students to pursue their academic aspirations. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the gift is that nobody in the Chicago-based Cohn family had a direct connection to Brandeis University.

In 1951, Rosaline Cohn became a life member of the then Chicago chapter of the Brandeis National Committee. Her interest and support of the school, inspired by the first president Abram Sachar, continued to flourish. In true BNC fashion, Rosaline and her husband Jacob, who the fund is named for, chose to support Brandeis because of its values and commitment to academic excellence and openness. The future the Cohn family envisioned is filled with students that will carry Brandeis’ values with them as they go on to do great things. It is with these values in mind that the Brandeis National Committee would like to extend our thanks and deepest appreciation to our many members who did not attend Brandeis, but understand the unique experiences an institution of its caliber provides.

Read the full story on BrandeisNOW.

To continue supporting the Brandeis National Committee, libraries, student scholarships and scientific research visit BNC giving.




In Honor of Barbara Sander’s Presidency

On July 1st, Barbara Sander completed her three year term as National BNC President. Over the course of her presidency, she worked tirelessly to improve relations between 250,000 BNC members all over the United States, established a wildly successful leadership-development program and brought over 40 chapters closer to the National Board. Her energy and optimism are an inspiration to all of us, and brace her in her fight against a rare form of blood cancer.

We owe so much to her for her leadership, and her efforts to ensure that the philanthropic support of Brandeis grows. She is a role model to all of us in both word and deed. As one of the generous donors to the BNC’s Scholarship Campaign, she says “I can’t very well ask people to make significant gifts if I don’t do it myself”. While dedicating herself to her work, she continues to battle multiple myeloma which has no long term cure. However, she is adamant about remaining active and busy, and will remain on the Brandeis Board of Trustees. Determined to continue contributing her experience and wisdom to BNC, she says  “This cancer won’t kill me, so, as long as I have the energy, there’s absolutely no excuse for my not doing my best for the BNC.”

Read more about her art of motivation here: http://www.brandeis.edu/magazine/2016/summer/imprint.html

We extend our appreciation to the following people for contributing to the BNC Scholarship Campaign in honor of Barb Sander’s Presidency:

Ellen Klein

Esther Rose

Janet Tolbert

Ann Friedman

Ronnie Riceberg

Pauline Leopold

Diane and Phil Rosenblum

Fran and Mike Spring

Sara Benesch

Helen Spindler

Sunny Brownrout

Barbara, Cliff and Andrew Bart

Jill Simons

Joyce Sandler

Elaine Nutlay

Marilyn and Paul Blankman

Joe Sander

Madalyn Friedberg, from the Central Westchester chapter, who has served as national vice president of fundraising for the past year, succeeded Barbara Sander as the Brandeis National Committee’s national president on July 1. Madalyn joined the BNC in 1973, and will serve as a leader for the organization and its 41 chapters.



Meet Arthur and Leslie Pearlstein

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Meet Marty Gurvey

Marty Gurvey I came, I saw. . .and I moved! That pretty much describes Marty Gurvey and his wife Kathy’s move to Sarasota. Long time Chicago residents, they spent some time in our beautiful city and quickly decided to move here full time in 2013.

You could say that Marty is a risk taker and changes seem to come easy. He has enjoyed successful careers in three unrelated fields – as a Music Educator, a Real Estate broker and a Stock Options Trader on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. After eight years of successful trading he became a Stock Broker.
Although he is still working, he is an avid golfer, loves the Sarasota Opera and manages to find time to play bridge and poker.

You may have met him this past season when he assisted Jordan Shifrin and provided BNC with a “Doo Wop and Dessert” evening that was full of fun. As time passes we look forward to having Marty share more of his enthusiasm in other BNC events and future Study Groups!

New Members Judith and Mike Beltzman Join Board

Mike Beltzman

Mike was born in Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Wayne State University. He is married to Judy and they have a son, Jon. For 17 years, Mike worked for Mobil Chemical’s plastic division in various management positions. Leaving Mobil, he went into business for himself, helping companies grow their sales. Since retiring, he serves on many non-profit boards in both Michigan and Florida. Mike loves good films and leads film discussion classes in Michigan and at Lifelong Learning in Sarasota. For leisure, he plays golf (when his back allows it), works on film festivals, reads mystery novels, and attends jazz concerts, theatre and films. His great pleasure is spending quality time with family and friends.

Judith Beltzman

Originating in Detroit, Michigan, Judy attended Wayne State University for her Bachelor and Master Degrees.  In 1992 she received her Doctorate from Walden University.  Her area of expertise is teaching adults with special needs.  She worked for many years in teaching, transition services and advocacy for individuals with learning disabilities and psychiatric disabilities. She has been married to Michael for 48 years and they have a son, Jon.   Her passion is advocacy for individuals with special needs.  Her insight and commitment to this population have taught her the importance of working for causes beyond ones self.  

Hooked on the Brandeis National Committee

By Evie Batten

Evie Batten BNC SarasotaWhen I moved to Florida in August of 2010, my cousin, Diane, encouraged me to join the Brandeis National Committee. I went to a new member reception in October, immediately paid the dues and bought a study group card! From then on, I was hooked on Brandeis. Through the BNC, my world has expanded through reading books, attending lectures and participating in the local arts community. Everyone here is amazing, and each person has so much to offer in sharing their ideas and thoughts.

In February, I was asked to sell study group cards. I thought, “Oh, this will be easy,” not knowing that I was also responsible for the calendar, scheduling rooms and keeping the registrars informed of their responsibilities (and more!). But I love it. I’ve learned so much and have met so many diverse people. Now I’m excited to be one of the “web mamas” updating this website! I’m looking forward to learning yet another new skill!

Looking for Local Camaraderie

By Diane Rosenblum

Diane Rosenblum Sarasota BNCI moved to Lakewood Ranch six years ago knowing no one in the area except for family in Port Charlotte. I joined the Sarasota Chapter of the Brandeis National Committee in order to meet people and make friends. Within a couple of years I took on the role of co-vice president for membership. I have enjoyed the camaraderie of my Brandeis friends and the many wonderful programs and events over the last six years.

Currently I am vice president of book fund and responsible for chapter fundraising to support the Brandeis University libraries and the scholarship program for library graduate students. These funds are raised by selling tribute cards, learned research journals and note cards designed by Brandeis art students. I have experience in the field of information technology and enjoy working on the computer. I’m looking forward to working on this website as one of the chapter’s new “web mamas”!

Moving from Chicago, BNC Helps Make Florida “Home”

By Jill Simons

Jill Simons, BNC SarasotaAlthough I have been a “snowbird” who spends most of the winter in Sarasota for the last 10 years, it wasn’t until this season that I became a full-time Florida resident. Like many other boomers, I was thinking that retirement would look like a lot of empty spaces on my calendar! So I made the decision to become more involved with the Sarasota Chapter of the Brandeis National Committee. To be truthful, I didn’t initially join to raise funds for Brandeis University; what I really enjoyed was networking with other members as we participated in the many wonderful activities and events the chapter had planned.

Now I appreciate having the opportunity to make new friends at a time in my life when I left many long-time friends in Chicago. In my position as a study group vice president, I am continually amazed at the many talents of our members, as well as their willingness to share their time. Working on this website (we dubbed our web team the “web mamas”!) is a way for me to challenge myself this year and learn new skills. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2012-13!

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