June 24, 2017

Study Groups

The success of BNC Sarasota rests strongly on the team efforts of the Study Group Leaders (SGLs) and BNC members who enroll and participate in classes. In order to attain and maximize a mutually satisfying experience, our submitting full study group information to the website was developed to guide SGLs in their highly appreciated efforts. We acknowledge and thank our SGLs for the time and energy they devote to developing and leading interesting and challenging courses. Please share our study groups with others and you are welcome to join our family of friends and learners!

BNC Sarasota provides its members with personal growth, Jewish learning, community service and is one of the top community resources. We will make every effort to assist you with the goal of creating a
successful and stimulating learning environment.

Thank you for your commitment to the BNC Sarasota Florida study group programs!

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